Coquette, mascot of the Newport Bed And Breakfast, Sanford Covell Villa Marina

,,News from Newport

by Coquette

As you may or may not know, I, Coquette, am the eminence grise, the true power behind the phenomenal success of Villa Marina. A quick look at my picture will show you immediately why. I am regal and imbued with a natural leadership. Those of you who have met me know my intelligence and absolute devotion to the comfort of our guests. I achieve my aims primarily by setting a clear tone of total relaxation. Most times you can find me in the hallway looking out the window awaiting your arrival, or simply demonstrating luxurious lounging.

From time to time I hope to advise you in these pages on life at the top, and on how to have an absolutely glorious time, so please, bookmark my page, and check for my ‘News from Newport’ – An absolute must for the true sophisticate. Come and visit me soon, See you soon!